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The Cupcake Bakers Association’s mission is to serve cupcake bakers around the world through cupcake promotion, networking, and advocacy. Formed in 2009, the CBA is actively organizing independent cupcake bakers and cupcake bakeries with $9.99 membership and listing in our local cupcake bakeries directory.

Cupcakes are popular for many reasons. Cupcakes are usually one serving size, so people eat whole cupcakes in one sitting. They are small and easy to package, store, and transport. Decorating cupcakes can be a fun and creative activity for people of all ages. They are inexpensive to produce and can be made out of common kitchen supplies and ingredients, and they take just minutes to bake.

Cupcakes are great for serving at all kinds of events, including birthday parties, bachelorette parties, business events, rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties, wedding receptions, and more. Cupcakes are becoming so popular that they are beginning to take market share away from traditional cake bakeries for weddings, parties, and receptions. Buy cupcakes online today and get them delivered tomorrow!
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