Cupcake Supplies

Here is a guide to the cupcake supplies available for purchase in stores and on-line. We have an overview of cupcake baking, displaying, and storage supplies.
Cupcake Baking

To prepare cupcake batter, whether from scratch or from a box, you will need a mixing bowl, measuring cup, and a whisk or spoon. Handheld electric mixers or electric mixers can be used instead of a whisk/spoon if you would like. They make mixing much easier. It is very helpful to wear an apron while baking cupcakes, but not necessary. There are even aprons that have cute cupcake designs on them!

After the cupcake batter is mixed, you will need to “prepare the cupcake pan” that you will be using. Muffin tins and cupcake pans are usually synonymous terms. “Prepare the cupcake pan” means inserting cupcake liners into the pan or greasing the pan. The choice is up to you whether you want something decorative surrounding the baked cupcake or just the cupcake by itself.

Cupcake pans/muffin tins come in three main sizes and can be made out of metal or silicone. The three sizes of this cookware are standard, mini, and jumbo. Standard muffin tins come in two main sizes: 6 count or 12 count. Mini muffin tins come in three main sizes: 6 count, 12 count, and 24 count. Jumbo muffin tins usually come in a 6 count size. Some muffin tins have plastic lids that can be placed on top once the cupcakes and tin are cooled after baking. This is helpful if you don’t wish to take the cupcakes out of the pan before putting them away in the refrigerator or taking them to an event. It saves you the time of taking them out of the pan and putting them in another storage container.

Cupcake pans come in a variety of shapes and patterns, in addition to the standard round cupcakes. There are hearts, flowers, and even ice cream-cone shaped cupcake pans available. You can also buy a giant cupcake pan that makes one big cupcake measuring approximately 15 inches tall by 8 inches wide.

Although the norm is to bake cupcakes in a muffin tin that can hold many cupcakes at a time, there is another option available to cupcake bakers. Several companies produce individual silicone baking cups that can hold each cupcake individually while they bake in the oven. These individual silicone baking cups are sold in a variety of shapes and designs. Some of the choices are flower cups, halloween cups, heart cups, square cups, round cups, bear cups, triangle cups, and even cups with feet on them!

Cupcake papers/liners come in three sizes: standard, mini, and jumbo. Cupcake papers/liners come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs to enhance the beauty of the cupcakes. There are ones with polka dots, stripes, flowers, animals, holiday themes, fancy intricate designs, children’s birthday theme favorites, cute cupcake designs, hobbies, and more!
Cupcake Display

There are many cupcake supplies available to buy in stores and on-line for the purpose of displaying your cupcakes. The two traditional ways to display cupcakes are by using cupcake stands/towers and cake stands. Cupcake stands and towers are an attractive way to show off your wonderful cupcakes. They usually come in two varieties. The first type of cupcake tower has spots for each cupcake individually to sit. You take each cupcake and put it into one of the spots on the tower until the tower is full. The second type of cupcake tower has several flat levels (like plates) that the cupcakes are placed on in whatever order you would like. Some cupcake towers are more plain, while others are more decorative or themed.

The second traditional way to display your cupcakes is by using one or more regular cake stands. These come in many varieties and designs to choose from. One additional way to display cupcakes is by using individual cake stands. These are usually tiny pedestals that each hold one standard cupcake on display. Some have domes to cover the entire cupcake, while most just hold the cupcake up.
Cupcake Storage

There are many products specifically made to store cupcakes. These include re-usable hard plastic cupcake carriers that can hold dozens of cupcakes and individual hard plastic cupcake containers. The carriers that can hold dozens of cupcakes can come in different colors, with different levels, and some are even collapsible and have handles for easy transport. In addition to the washable hard plastic containers, you can buy disposable paper and plastic containers specifically made to store cupcakes. The paper containers can hold anywhere from one cupcake to dozens of cupcakes. They come in white or a variety of pretty colors and designs.

Cupcake storage in paper boxes is a wonderful idea if you are giving the cupcakes away as gifts to people. Disposable plastic containers are also available for purchase to store your cupcakes in. They come in a variety of sizes depending on how many cupcakes you would like to store at a time.
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