Cupcake Tiers for your Wedding Day

by admin on November 11, 2013

It was probably Martha Stewart who started this fad about simple wedding cake tiers using cupcakes, having featured it in her magazine. And just like avant-garde wedding motifs that constantly pop up the pages of magazines and websites, couples just can’t help but choose a highly-sophisticated and detailed cake that will perfectly symbolize a union that will last a lifetime.

Traditionally, the purpose of cakes during a wedding is to bring prosperity to newlyweds and guests. Today, having seen weddings of people we know or work with, cakes have become the centerpiece of every nuptial celebration. With different shapes, sizes, themes, and ingredients, these masterful creations have evolved, through time, into different forms – including easy, hand-sized sweets – that will make the event even more memorable. But sometimes, it’s still best to seek advice from industry experts to ensure that you get the right cake for the perfect event. UK retail company Marks & Spencer offers a Wedding Cake Showcase video to educate online visitors as to the best options and emphasize that this is “the cherry on top of your special day.” Because when it comes to issues of affordability, personalization, and function for this momentous occasion, there’s no denying that these confections peak the interests of those who are soon to walk down the aisle.

Obviously, you would want your cakes to be the edible symbol of who you are as a couple. Having cupcakes, as an option, gives you the freedom to have as many decorations and flavors as you want. Transporting cupcakes wouldn’t be a problem, too, as you can simply place them inside boxes and assemble them at your dream wedding site in Cancun or at a local hotel. Cupcakes even cost less and may be adjusted to suit your personal and financial situation. More importantly, there wouldn’t be any difficulty cutting and serving your cake, as guests and even kids would be very eager to get their sweet share from the tiers.

You have to keep in mind, though, the overall nature and the formality of wedding you want to consider, as more guests expect traditional weddings. But whether you are planning a garden or a typical June wedding, wedding cakes in general are whimsical ideas to complement the most awaited day of your life.

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